Theory Division
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
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Theory Division (officially Theoretical Physics Division) is one of the major Divisions of the B.P.Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute . Together with the main Institute body, it is located in Gatchina, a picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg, 40 km south from that city center and 25 km from the Pulkovo International airport.


   Theory Division
   Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
   Gatchina 188300, St. Petersburg


    +7 (81371) 46096   (Contact secretary Mrs. Galina V. Stepanova)

    +7 (81371) 46543    Prof. Dmitry N. Aristov (head of THD)
    [dial 5 digits when calling from Gatchina, 10 digits from any city in Russia and 11 digits from abroad]


    +7 (81371) 31963