MyTeXPoint (absolutely Free)

Free simplified version of TeXPoint.
Partly compatible with the original TeXPoint.
It has integrated screenshot tool to copy equations and pictures right from the screen.
Supports microsoft powerpoint (tested with version 2007 and 2005). Compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.

Leave your questions, bug and comments right on this page.

MyTexPoint est une version simplifiee et gratuite de TexPoint. Cette version est partiellement compatible avec TexPoint MyTexPoint donne la possibilite de creer des formules mathematiques en utilisant Latex, et de les inserer dans des presentations. MyTexPoint possede differents outils de Latex et est, pour l'instant, seulement compatible avec Microsoft Powerpoint.

>>DOWNLOAD MyTeXPoint v2.05<<

New in version 2 of MyTexPoint

1) New comfortable LaTeX Highlighter
(tnx to developers of SynEdit component)
2) Shortcuts:
Compile Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Shift+L
New equation Ctrl+N
Jump between equations Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDown
Move equations Ctrl+arrows
Resize equations Ctrl+Shift+arrows
Move equations a bit Alt+arrows
Resize equations a bit Alt+Shift+arrows

3) Old bags fixed
4) Simplified installation
5) Vector picture formats (requeres pstoedit) 6) type config and run to specify pathes

Installation of MyTexPoint

1) Download and install the programm
2) Run MyTeXPoint from the windows start menu
3) Make sure that you have MiKTex and ghostscript installed
4) (not nessesary for v2) Check that the ghostscript bin folder (C:\Program Files\gs\gs?.??\bin) is in your PATH environment variable (see this for details).

How to use MyTexPoint

1) Open you presentation.
2) When powerpoint is open run mytexpoint.
3) Click on the "new equation" button (the last one). A new equation will appear. You can edit its LaTeX code in the mytexpoint window.
4) To copy an equation or picture right from the screen use the first button.
5) To delete white background from an arbitrary picture in your power point presentation select it in the power point and doubleclick on the mytexpoint window.

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Copyright 2007 Nikolay Gromov
screenshot of MyTeXPoint - use LaTeX formulas, fonts, tables, in you presentations