Create, Edit, Modify and Compile LaTeX expressions in one click in your Mathematica notebooks


(preview version for Windows only)


1) Wolfram Mathematica
2) Miktex
3) Ghostscript

Automatic installation

1) unzip the file above somewhere
2) open installation.nb with your copy of Wolfram Mathematica
3) follow instruction in the file

Manual installation

hope you don't need it


1) Create a new notebook and apply the MaTeXmatica style:
Format -> StyleSheet -> MaTeXmatica

2) Start a new sell in the TeX style:
MaTeXmatica chose TeX style

3) Shift-Enter the TeX cell
MaTeXmatica chose TeX style

4) To edit the TeX source click on the TeX output
MaTeXmatica chose TeX style

See nice stylesheet, compatible with MaTeXmatica by Yu-Xiang Gu.