Ignat Fiolkovski


Interaction of QED fields with singular potentials


Interaction of QED fields with singular potentials We study QED fields interacting with delta-potentials supported on 2d surfaces. Such potentials describe thin material films and in the strong coupling limit reproduce boundary conditions imposed of the fields. The interaction (quadratic in the fields) is defined uniquely by basic field-theoretical principles – locality, renormalizability, gauge and Lorenz invariance. For fermion field interacting with an infinite plane we present calculation of quantum corrections to classical EM field of the plane. The cut-off regularization of the mean EM field gives rise to renormalization of classical EM current of the plane. The photon potential is unavoidably of Chern-Simon type and its single dimensionless constant characterizes the parity breaking of the system For EM quantum fields interacting with infinite circular cylinder shell we calculate the Casimir Energy. We use the Pauli-Willars regularization procedure. The divergences are extracted as a polynomial in the regularization mass parameter and then embodied into the counter terms.