M.G.Ryskin (PNPI) Please notice of the place of this seminar in Dom uchenykh in Lessnom (room 23)


Small -x gluons at the LHC


I. New LHC results (TOTEM: \sigma_{tot}=98.3 mb, B_{el}=20.1 GeV^{-2})) indicate the role of relatively large k_T low-x (BFKL) gluons in \sigma_{tot}). II. Open bb_bar production at the LHC can pin down the gluons at very low x, down to x=10^{-5}. To diminish the uncertainty caused by too strong \mu_F dependence of the NLO prediction (for a huge LHC energy) we propose to fix the scale, \mu_F=k_0, by the cut on transverse momentum of bb_bar pair p_{T,bb_bar}