Andrey V.Zayakin (ITEP and MSU)


Induced Schwinger processes :semiclassical interpretation


Induced Schwinger processes are a natural extension of spontaneous pair production phenomena in external fields. In the present study we work out semiclassically the rate of a specific induced decay process, namely, the non- perturbative decay of a 't Hooft--Polyakov monopole into a dyon and a charged fermion. The sub-leading semiclassical pre-exponential factor is presented. The leading ponential factor is shown to be in full agreement with the previous results derived in a different technique. Analogous treatment is shown to hold for the two-fermionic decay of the lightest bound state in Thirring model. Thus restoring the ``effective meson--fermion vertex'' becomes possible. General features of finite-temperature theories are reviewed. Thermal corrections are calculated to the process of the Thirring meson decay in the high- and low- temperature limits.