I.T. Dyatlov (PNPI)


Heavy fermions contribution in Higgs-boson production mechanisms. Lepton mixing structure - result of the broken mirror symmetry.


The lepton weak mixing matrix is constructed in the model with SM-masses generation through the spontaneous violation of the initial mirror symmetry. The SM-masses hierarchy corresponds there to the inverse hierarchy of mirror analogies. Such a structure both with the neutrino spectrum (two closely situated levels) permit,namely with the mirror scenario, reproduce all qualitative peculiarities of the observed weak mixing matrix - the PMNS-matrix. In particular, the well-known small value of the Daye-Bay angle" theta13" - the main experimental feature of that matrix - is determined just by the hierarchical smallness in the mass ratios. For used model parameters additional (to the forced by mass hierarchies) conditions are not required. The obtained result is possible only for the inverted order of the neutrino mass spectrum : the state 3 is the lowest one.