T. Vulfs


Sigma-meson (beyond the qq/gluon systematics)


We investigate a hypothesis according to which the sigma-meson is a remnant of the confinement singularity in the white channel. Introducing the confnement singularity (1/s^2) into the pipi-interaction block, we observe a splitting of the white component of the confinement singularity (1/s^2) into two poles which are diving on the second sheet of the complex-s plane. The poles correspond to the states which are the mixtures of gluonic, flavour-singlet, and pipi-components. The low-lying pole is located at the complex-M region (690 \pm 160) - i(400 \pm 150) MeV, the second one goes in the region of the large masses: (Re M > 1400; -Im > 500) MeV.