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Petersburg Nuclear Physics 
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Theory Division Local Pages
           1 . Your e-mail in THD
Login with THD login name and password and get access for your e-mail  with WEB-based Squirrel mail. You can work with all your mail folders, compose messages, use attachments,  access your address book. You can also manage your mail accounts: define what to do with spam, forward your msgs to other accounts, etc.
If you can not find expected email in your INBOX or in mailbox SPAM then you can try to extract it from system SPAM box into your personal xspambox.

          2 . E-print Libraries
Links  to common electronic libraries and journals as well as to Theory division library (with password).
            3. Our Seminars
Recent seminars and meetings in the Theory division.
          4 . Searching over internet
Links to best search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, etc
          5. WEB services of Theory division
Collection of WEB services specific for users of THD net. You can trace the state of
your CONDOR problem,  hard disk usage in THD net,  learn who is  logged on  THD
computers, get required software, etc. Login with our common User name and Password.

          6 . Funding agencies
Link to known WEB sites with  grant anouncements, etc
          7 . THD Questionnaire
Please fill in THD Questionnaire to help Administration. Prepare a number of your documents!
          8 . WEB pages editor
Access to our editor of your WEB page. This simple editor allows you to improve your WEB page on THD site. Alternatively you can use another editor which was designed to the same purpose.

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