Yu. I. Kharitonov (1926 -- 2004)


       Senior staff scientist Yuri Illiodorovich Kharitonov was born in Leningrad, on June 12, 1926 in the family of the office workers. His youth coincided with the grim years of the World War II in which he participated as a seaman telegraphist of a torpedo-boat destroyer that escorted the convoys of allied powers delivering weapons and ammunition to Murmansk, as well as the marine exempting the Northern Scandinavia from the German troops. For all this he was rewarded with the order of the Great Patriotic War and with some military medals. After the war he entered the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute (now St.Petersburg Technical University) learning nuclear physics during 1949--1955. His scientific activity began in 1955 at the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute as a laboratory assistant in the experimental laboratory of Prof. L.I.Rusinov. Right away he showed his abilities for mathematics and was directed to study theoretical problems of nuclear structure. Here he actively collaborated with Prof. L.A.Sliv, L.K.Peker as well as with some more young colleagues (V.N.Guman et al.). His thesis for candidate's degree, which he got in 1965, was devoted to the problems of nuclear isomerism in odd--odd nuclei. Among the papers publised by him at that time one should also mention those in which he calculated the magnitude of the isospin mixing in the ground states of nuclei. Since 1971 Yu.I.Kharitonov worked at the Nuclear Data Center of the Leningrad Nuclear Physics Institute (now Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, PNPI), where he headed the group of young scientists that created the mathematical computer programs for study problems in nuclear and atomic physics. Just at that time there started his fruitful scientific collaboration with the group of physicists from the Moscow State University that was headed by Prof. Yu.F.Smirnov. In collaboration with them he also explored problems connected to the SU(3) and SU(6) symmetries in physics, studied the Interacting Boson Model, as well as the possible existence of the supersymmetry in nuclei. Since 1986 Yu.I.Kharitonov worked at the Theoretical Department of PNPI, where he continued the study of mathematical problems of physics, in particular those connected to the group theory. His latest works were devoted to studying of the quantum algebras.
     The distinguishing property of his work was the aspiration for the analytic solution of the physical problems, and one can seldom meet with the other person who can make it with the more skill. The total list of works performed by Yu.I.Kharitonov consists of more than 120 publications.
      Yu.I.Kharitonov was the kind and friendly man with the delicate sense of humor, salubrious conservatism and a strong call of duty to his family. His friends and colleagues will always remember him with the kind words.

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List of Yu.I.Kharitonov publications

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