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      The member of Theory Division, eminent russian physicist Dmitri Diakonov has passed away December 26, 2012 after a heavy heart attack. He was only 63.
        (See obituary and further information in Russian).


    Gerard t'Hooft:
...This is very sad news. Please convey my sincere condolences to Dmitri's family and friends. My wife and I vividly remember our visit in Petersburg (May 2010) where Dmitri was our host. I enclose a picture made there. Cordial greetings...

    Frank Wilczek:
...Too soon. Please convey my sympathy.

    David Gross:
...I was distressed to hear of the death of Dmitri Diakonov--a wonderful theorist indeed. A great loss to physics and to the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. Please convey my sympathy and respect to his family,

    Edward Witten:
... Very sorry to hear this. Thanks for informing us...

    Roman Jackiw:
... My condolences to DMITRI'S FAMILY AND COLLEAGUES...

    Stanley Brodsky:
... I am truly sorry to hear this sad news. Please convey my deepest sympathy to his family and colleagues...

    ACADEMIA EUROPEA - Dana Kaiser:
... On behalf of the Academia Europaea, please accept my condolences on the loss of Prof. Diakonov.

    Jeff Greensite:
... That is very sad news. My sympathy to all concerned.

    Alex Kovner:
I heard about Mitya's sudden passing away, and wanted to express my condolences... It is a great loss to the community, and also to those of us who have known him personally. ... Not much can be said, unfortunately, except that Mitya had a very productive and active life with many achievements, and that everyone of us would be lucky to have achieved even a part of what Mitya has done. Let he rest in peace.

    Michael Mueller-Preussker:
These are very, very sad news. Mitya was too young and had too many nice ideas for further work to pass away from this world ... Let me express my deepest feeling to his closest persons, family, friends and colleagues, in particular to you as his long-standing coauthor of a highly successful collaboration.

    Arkady Vainstein:
It is beyond my imagination that Mitya passed away. Mine and Nelya's deep condolences to the Theory Group on the tremendous loss of a brilliant physicist and an exceptional friend.

    Christof Gattringer:
Thank you for letting us know about the sad news. A big loss and so untimely early!

    Michael Ilgenfritz:
I am very sorry to hear about the early passing away of Mitya. Let me express my deep commiseration to you as the closest collaborator of him. The last meeting with him I had on occasion of the Ginzburg Conference in Moscow, and I remember the phyics topics he was engaged in during his last year of life. I had the hope, that during my present stay in Russia some joint project could still be developed. ... In deep sorrow,

    Daniel Zwanziger:
I am very sorry to hear this news. Dmitri and I shared a common interest in the work of Gribov. He was very kind and friendly and hospitable to me when we met at the conference on Quark Confinement and Hadron Spectrum at the Azores a few years ago. Please convey my condolences to his wife.

    Hiroshi Toki:
It is really a shocking news. Mitya stayed with us at RCNP in Japan until the beginning of December. He was doing extremely well in RCNP. It was just like yesterday. We lost such a great physicist. He has done many important works. We appreciate many of his works. We feel extremely sorry to hear this sad news.

    Michal Praszalowicz
I can only imagine what you feel, I'm really shocked myself. I try to recall my first meeting with Mitya when he came to Krakow for a workshop in 1987. I knew his name from the DDT paper, and through Bjorken, who visited Cracow some time earlier and gave a talk on DDT , basically without referring to his own works. The world will be different without him. My deepest condolences

    Vladimir Braun
I am shocked by the news. Mitya Dyakonov was a talented physicist and a very dynamic and forceful personality. This is a tragic loss for all of us who had the privilege to know him for many years and enjoyed discussing with Mitya both physics and non-physics issues. It is a also a huge loss for the Theory Division and PNPI as a whole, where Mitya worked for most of his life and remained to be one of the most visible fugures. Please pass my condolence to Mitya's family.

    Tel-Aviv University (Marek Karliner):
The terrible news has reached me yesterday. I am still in shock. Please be so kind and relay deep condolences to Mitia's family and his colleagues from all his friends at at Tel Aviv University.

    Hyun-Chul Kim
I am very shocked to hear that Mitya has passed away and I am deeply sad. He visited Inha University last October and I had invaluable discussion with him. I had an excursion to Kyoto together with him last October. I still cannot believe that he has passed away. I would very much appreciate if you could pass my condolence to his family.

    Pierre van Baal:
What a blow that Mitya had a heart attack and died. Give his family my support, because it will hard to except. And for you, it will also be a blow.

    Michael Pennington
Yesterday I passed on the sad news about Dmitri to all my JLab colleagues Hoping for a better...

    Yousuf Musakhanov
I could not believe. Why we may accept such a sad thing? Mitya always was and will be for me one of the most gifted person with a great abilities for the understanding of science and life.

    Evgeny Epelbaum
This is a very sad and shocking news... Mitya was a good friend, colleague and teacher and also a long time member of our institute. Please convey my condolences to his family and to all his colleagues.

    Nicos Stefanis
I am too shocked to believe that we lost one more friend.... Please take care and pass my condolences to Mitya's family.

    Alexander Turbiner
Please pass my deepest condoulences to Mitya' family.

    Leonid Frankfurt kicks strongly this time. Without Mitya world becomes more boring. My condolence.

   Alexander Titov
Please pass my deep condolence to Mitya's relatives and colleagues. I met him last time in October 2012 in Osaka. He was so sensitive, sympathetic man, wonderful, talented scientist...

   Vadim Zelevinsky
I am shocked by this sorrowful event. Please convey my deep compassion to Mitya's family and colleagues. He was always so full of energy, new ideas and common sense that it is incredibly hard to imagine that he is not with us anymore.

   Simon Eidelman
What a sad news! What can be said?

   Enrique Arriola
I learned ... about Mitja's sudden and unexpected death. I remember well the first time he came to Bochum and the extraordinary impression he made on me ever since. Please, accept and transmit my condolences to his family.

   David Broadhurst
...sad news indeed. He was instrumental in my work on the heavy-quark operator expansion. Please pass on my condolences.

   Takashi Nakano
All members at RCNP are very sorry to hear his passing away. He was so brilliant, inspiring and charming. I posted Dmtri's photos and a movie when we had a party at RCNP in the last month at the URL address below.

   Michaela Oswald
I was a PhD student of Mitya Diakonov at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.I heard about the tragic loss yesterday and am very saddened by this. ...Could I send flowers?

   Merete Boje and Tomas Bohr
We were shocked to hear ... that Dmitri Diakonov died suddenly.... We were so happy to see him again after several years during our meeting in the Danish Cultural Institute in Moika, and we were planning to stay closer in touch in the future. He was an extraordinarily gifted and knowledgeable person, not only in physics, but in almost any field you could think of - including music. And he showed great hospitality to us several times in our life. His death is a great loss for us and for many people around the world.

   Igor Klebanov
I am shocked and saddened to hear about the untimely passing of Mitya Diakonov! I have met him on several occasions and have really enjoyed reading his papers and talking with him. His sudden passing is a great loss for physics! Please accept my most sincere condolences,

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