Theory Division
Petersburg Nuclear Physics 
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Theory Division (officially Theoretical Physics Division) is one of the four major Divisions of the B.P.Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. Together with the main Institute body, it is located in Gatchina, a picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg, 40 km south from that city center and 25 km from the Pulkovo International airport.


   Theory Division
   Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
   Gatchina 188300, St. Petersburg


   +7 (81371) 46096  (Contact secretary Mrs. Galina V. Stepanova)

   +7 (81371) 46070 (Victor Yu. Petrov)
   [dial 5 digits when calling from Gatchina, 10 digits from any city in Russia and 11 digits from abroad]


   +7 (81371) 31963


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